We cater all sizes of orders, From 12 people to 5,000 people. To get a delivery quote from any of our locations you must summit the ( Request a Catering quote ) Fill out the form and we will type you a quote within 12 hours, If the quote we email you is correct, you can pay it, If you need to make any corrections or you wish to make a change, Email us at info@ruttscater.com we will revise the quote. Don't need to pay the quote until the due date ( just incase you need to make additional changes). Once you pay the quote your all set and everything on the quote is confirmed. Once its paid we can't make changes. (Delivery or Pickup)

Yes, to Most of S. California Delivery request must submit a catering quote form Online Form. Delivery fee is $20 for the first 5 miles and $2 for each mile after from any location.
Yes, at all Locations. Free thermal bags for orders over $250 (to keep everything hot and organized. Open the bag when ready to serve.
Yes, you must submit a quote and send the PO before the due date.

Food Questions:

YES, you can sub out any protein to a different protein, or and side to another side. Example Sub Kalua Pork to Teriyaki Beef or White Rice to Portuguese sausage Fried Rice.
Each pound serves two adults. Our half trays have 6lbs (12 people), full sheet 12lbs serves (24 adults). All meat is measured before cooking.
We only offer one server to supervise large orders for over 150 people. Server fee is $200 for up to 2 hours of service.
YES, if you purchase the chaffing trays our driver can set up the food on the chaffing trays. We use wire racks, the cost is $15 each, they are yours to keep can be reused. (note) driver will not light up the sterno, you must light it and take responsibility.

Which is better order on-line or submit a quote:

If you need a small catering pick up, please book on-line to any of the locations you wish to pick up.
If you prefer to see a quote and make changes and proof before you pay. Submit the catering quote form, all purchase orders must submit a quote. (Delivery or Pickup)

You can order individually packed meals for them. See menu
Order two of the 120 combos.