Rutt's Hawaiian Cafe & Catering

( Los Angeles )

About us

Since 1976, Culver City has been a place where you can go for authentic, tropically-inspired, cuisines cooked from scratch. That place is called, Rutt's Hawaiian Cafe, and we're excited to add a catering selection to our list of cafe menu offerings.

Over the years, people have come to our patio to enjoy dishes such as loco moco, katsu chicken, and savory short ribs. But now, they can also bring home full trays of BBQ chicken, Hawaiian-style fried rice, sweet rolls, and macaroni salad.

So, while we might be known for our hearty breakfast, authentic lunch, and bountiful dinners, anyone who visits us knows that we're more than that -

We're also a place where our community can go to relax and have a great meal.

Stop by our cafe on Washington Place and experience the tradition of Hawaiian cuisine for yourself.